Commercial Auto Insurance

Getting cheap Commercial Auto insurance in California can be quite the task. There are several options for consumers to choose from and getting quotes is often difficult. To ensure that a policy is rated properly, provides essential coverage, that competitive rates and appropriate discounts are applied, it is best to work with an independent agency with access to several markets.

Pronto Insurance has access to the majority of the nation's top rated carriers and quotes most of our commercial auto accounts with at least eight insurance companies. This means that with a single request our customers acquire quotes from several companies and get the best packages for commercial auto coverage.

In addition to all of the standard business information needed there are several additional rating factors that will be taken into consideration in order to develop an accurate quote for your California commercial auto policy.

• Business Description: The type of business that you are running determines insurance company eligibility. For instance, accountants and truck drivers have different risks which in turn might raise the premiums for one and not the other.

• Schedule of Drivers: The drivers, and driving history, will also have an impact on the premiums just as they do on a personal auto insurance policy.

• Vehicle Schedule: When getting a commercial auto insurance quote it is important that you disclose all of your vehicles to the agent. They will need the year, make, model, and vehicle type (cargo van, tow truck, car carrier, tractor, trailer, etc.) Not doing so will greatly expose your losses.

• Stated Vehicle Values: A large majority of the insurance companies that write commercial auto insurance in California will offer physical damage coverage based upon the stated value of the vehicle. This is primarily because many commercial vehicles have specialized equipment and it is not possible to generate a value from the vehicle identification number alone.

• Radius of Operation: The more you are on the road and the further the distances you are traveling, increases the likelihood that you might be involved in an accident. This is why most policies are rated on the radius of operation.

Please Note: Product, coverage, discounts, insurance terms, definitions, and other descriptions are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in your individual insurance contracts, policies, and/or declaration pages.

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