Renter’s Insurance

Look no more if you are searching for cheap commercial property insurance because you have come to the right place. Although cheap, our product have ALL the protection you are looking for. In other words, Pronto has the best insurance prices.

We are a California based independent insurance agency representing numerous California renters’ insurance carriers, including some of the largest insurance companies in the nation. Our carriers offer a wide variety of coverage including, personal property, loss of use, medical, and liability protection. Many of our carriers even offer replacement cost coverage for personal effects.

Deductibles typically range from $250 to $1500, depending on customer preference and personal property limits and can be purchased as high as $100,000. Premiums can be paid in full annually, on quarterly installments, or in monthly payments taken directly from the insured's checking account.

What is Renters Insurance?

If you live in a rented apartment, condominium or home, you need to protect yourself and your space from the unexpected. Because your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover your belongings, renters insurance is a smart choice for safeguarding yourself in the event of theft, sewer backup damage, hurricanes and more. With renters insurance from Nationwide, you can customize a policy that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Reasons Why it’s Wise to Have Renter’s Insurance

• New Belongings: Just because you have had your things for a while does not mean they have no value. In reality, it’s the opposite. That’s why renter’s coverage can help protect what matters most, furniture, clothing, appliances and more.

• Water Damage: A renter’s insurance policy will protect you against losses caused by water that backed up through sewers or drains. (This is not the same as flood insurance.)

• Precious Items: Let’s face it, many of us lost something precious through no fault of our own and wished we had insurance. A policy can protect those items of value, such as jewelry, watches, furs and artwork.

• Personal Liability: In the event of a mishap, personal liability insurance may cover bodily injury or property damage caused by the renter’s inaction to others.

Competitive renter’s insurance coverage

Renters insurance can also help replace your valuables if you become the victim of theft and other accidents.

When tragedy strikes, we're standing by to help you get your home back to normal fast. Our renter’s insurance professionals will make sure your claim is handled with care and efficiency. Finally, most renters acquire personal property as they go through life and often forget to add these items to a renter’s policy. Therefore, it is important for the renter to contact his insurer and update the policy coverage.

Our competitive renter’s insurance rates allow you to protect your property without breaking the bank. How? We offer cheap renters insurance so you and your love ones can have peace of mind. Call one of our agents or get a FREE online quote today.

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